Interview with The Night Owl DJ Shaun Walsh
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June 8, 2022
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July 1, 2022

In the run up to Ocean Colours Scene’s huge headliner at Páirc festival, we spoke to Night Owl resident Shaun Walsh on his upcoming set for the big day.

We know from Shaun’s regular appearances in The Night Owl that you can expect some classic Britpop, with bands like the Oasis and Pulp, to some old school, classic Soul with Otis Redding & Curtis Mayfield. But we can always expect classics from the greatest, like the Rolling Stones & of course The Beatles.

We wondered how Shaun would describe his DJ selections, to which he described as “Indie new & old, Britpop & guitar anthems!”.

Spot on really..

With the big day edging ever closer, we asked Shaun what band he was most excited to see on the bill.

“The only band I’ve seen live on this line up are Ocean Colour Scene. I look forward to seeing what all the other bands are all about on the stage!”

Though we have a feeling The Clause & Marquis Drive are gonna fit right into that heavy guitar, rock & roll sound both Ocean Colour Scene and Shaun will be bringing that afternoon. We wondered what approach Shaun will take to the DJ set in order to get the crowd moving and jiving for the big dogs.

“Expect tunes that make you wanna dance like a crab and be merry!”

Sounds ideal!

Catch Shaun at Páirc festival on the 26th of August, alongside The Clause, Marquis Drive and last but certainly not least, headliners Ocean Colour Scene. Tickets are now on sale here.

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